Snow Cone Stand DIY

August 03, 2020

Snow Cone Stand DIY


Can I tell you that we have already created so many memories with this little beauty?  My kiddos literally beg to roll it out and have snow cones!  Today, I am sharing with you how you can create your own!

  First things first, we wanted to keep it neutral, so we went with an outdoor primer/paint in plain white.  Now it can be decorated for any season and event and show off all of its cuteness!  Our plans were loosely based off this DIY tutorial.

  You can see by comparing, that we made the stand taller so adults wouldn't be hunched over.  We would much rather have it be something that our kids could grow into instead of out of.  All important things to consider before you begin. :)  

  A quick trip to our local Home Depot and we were ready to get started.  This project took us about one week to complete, working during the evenings.  The materials listed on the link above helped guide our shopping list, but we did opt for a wood roof instead of the galvanized metal.

  After it was completed, we filled in nail holes sanded it down.  It then received two coats of the primer/paint with our spray gun.  Finishing touches included adding little hooks to be able to add string lights or garland.  Now our stand is ready for all sorts of adventures!

  Here is the link to our Snow Cone machine that we absolutely LOVE!  It truly is like snow!

  Don't forget we also have the perfect invitations for your next snow cone gathering!